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# Change Log
## v0.9.1
### New Features
* New user-group implementation `Group` added.
* `CommunityWebservice` is `UserGroupWebservice` now and handles `Group` as well as
* New file type `conversation`.
* Instances of `Document` now indicate whether they are shared or owned files.
* Limited interface to symmetric cryptography added via `Crypto`.
### Improvements and Fixes
* Response types unified: there is now only `Response`.
* Several `Query` implementations clarified.
* Cryptography split off into `SwiftyCrypto`.
* Server instance is now a user setting.
* Some more small API changes.
## v0.9.0
First version.
HealthDataSpace iOS SDK
# Contents
1. HealthDataSpace SDK
2. Documentation
3. Demo Application
# HealthDataSpace SDK
The SDK is located in the ‘lib’ folder and contains builds for
both the simulator and a device. The SDK is comprised of two
frameworks. One is Alamofire.framework, an abstraction around
the networking stack and the second is HealthDataSpace.framework
which depends on Alamofire.
In this release, all requests are performed against a Digithurst
development instance of HealthDataSpace that is located at
# Documentation
The documentation is located in the ‘doc’ folder and comes in
HTML format. It contains an API documentation of the public
symbols as well as a quick start guide. Open index.html in a
browser to get started.
# Demo Application
The demo application is located in the ‘ios-demo’ git repository
and contains a simple Storyboard based iOS application to demonstrate
how to:
* login to HealthDataSpace
* get a file and folder listing
* download files
* create folders and upload files
* take pictures with the camera to upload them
(only on device; not available in simulator)
Open ‘HealthDataSpace Demo.xcodeproj’ in Xcode to get started.
The frameworks are included and part of the project settings.
# HealthDataSpace iOS SDK
<img src="" alt="Version 0.9 (pre-release)"/>
<img src="" alt="HDS 2.10"/>
<img src="" alt="Swift 3.1"/>
<img src="" alt="iOS 10.3"/>
<img src="" alt="macOS 10.12"/>
<!-- keep in sync with sections/! -->
[HealthDataSpace]( is a web service for secure
and privacy-aware sharing and archiving of medical data.
With this SDK you can write your own applications that use HealthDataSpace
as a backend.
This documentation assumes that you are a developer with at least basic fluency in Swift
and some prior exposure to developing against asynchronous APIs.
No knowledge about cryptography is required.
For a quick overview on how to get started, read our
[introductory guide](
Find more details in the
in particular that of `Webservice` and its subclasses.
If you encounter any issues, please refer to the
[list of known issues](,
or the
[change log](
in case you do not have the latest version.
If your problem does not seem to be covered by either list, please
[create a new issue](
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