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## v1.0.0
First version.
# HealthDataSpace Java SDK
<img src="" alt="Version 1.0.0"/>
<img src="" alt="HDS 2.11"/>
<img src="" alt="Java 7"/>
<!-- keep in sync with sections/! -->
[HealthDataSpace]( is a web service for secure
and privacy-aware sharing and archiving of medical data.
With this SDK you can write your own applications that use HealthDataSpace
as a backend.
Obtain the SDK by cloning our
[deployment repository](
git clone hds-sdk-java
This documentation assumes that you are a developer with at least basic fluency in Java
and some prior exposure to developing against asynchronous APIs.
No knowledge about cryptography is required.
For a quick overview on how to get started, read our
[introductory guide](
Find more details in the
in particular that of `Webservice` and its subclasses.
If you encounter any issues, please refer to the
[list of known issues](,
or the
[change log](
in case you do not have the latest version.
If your problem does not seem to be covered by either list, please
[create a new issue](
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